The SO-APART 2015 – The jury, the nominees, the award

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Tuesday, 28. July 2015

Since 01. July 2015 the nominees for the SO!APART- Award are fixed. These nominees were selected and announced by Silvie Konzack who is the chief editor of “first class”. These have the chance to win one of the popular awards in the four categories. We will present the four categories with their respective nominees, so you can make your own decision which Serviced Apartment is the best and most beautiful one. There are a total of 22 houses nominated in four categories small and precious, grand and great, new and different and international.

Regardless of the jury categories, all candidates are in the run for a public award. Here, online votes can be collected.

In addition, we present the jury that will decide independently and competently using a special scoring system on the winner of this year’s best Serviced Apartments. So look forward to the days ahead when we will present important news on our blog and on our social media channels about the SO-APART 2015.

In order to avoid a further spread of the corona virus, most of our colleagues are working from home until further notice.

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Please understand this preventive measure and stay healthy.