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Aus der Welt der Serviced Apartments.

In unseren Blogartikeln erfahren Sie Wissenswertes aus der Welt des temporären Wohnens.
Wir stellen Ihnen neu erworbene Partnerhäuser vor, informieren Sie über das Thema "Wohnen auf Zeit in Serviced Apartments", stellen Checklisten zur Verfügung und vieles mehr.


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From the world of serviced apartments.

In our blog articles (German language) you will learn interesting facts from the world of temporary living.
We introduce you to newly acquired partner properties, provide you with information on the topic of
temporary living in serviced apartments, provide checklists and much more.


For more in-depth information, such as professional articles, interviews and podcasts with apartment operators
as well as guest articles on temporary livingg, we recommend our digital trade magazine

SO!APART insight


Mama Cooks ... also in Your Serviced Apartment

Mama Cooks ... also in Your Serviced Apartment Mama Stove, a food supplier for quick, healthy meals in a snack box, was the winner of the 2018 SO!APART innovation pitch Flamingo's Nest. We talked to Managing Director Nikolaj de Lousanoff about his entry…

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The Flamingo's Nest 2017 - a Résumé

The Flamingo's Nest 2017 - a Résumé The Flamingo's Nest celebrated its premiere at the SO!APART 2017. With it we wanted to show the industry representatives which innovations for the serviced apartment segment can be found on the market and at the same…

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The Flamingo's Nest - Industry pitch for innovative products

The Flamingo's Nest Industry pitch for innovative productson the SO!APARTIndustry meeting of the serviced apartment world23 November 2017, BerlinSince the SO!APART 2016 we know that the serviced apartment sector should be like a flamingo: unique,…

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On business in Nuremberg or Ludwigshafen? Even if temporary, it´s got to feel like home!

Right in the heart of Nuremberg <link https: en apartments _blank external-link-new-window internal link in current>MELTER Hotel & Apartments is an ideal living space for temporary stays in the region comprised of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fuerth. It combines ideally what seemed not to belong together before. Service or private sphere?…

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NEW! Book serviced apartments now online at

  You would like to book long-term accomodation for your clients and colleagues quickly and easily? Then you now have the opportunity to do this with Apartmentservice! The following apartment houses are the first ones to be bookable online: <link https: en apartments adapt-apartments-berlin.443 _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>ADAPT…

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Off to Frankfurt!

We proudly present two new partner houses in Frankfurt/Main. From now on, the metropolis on the river Main offers even more possibilities to find a suitable furnished apartment for your stay home away from home.   Derag Livinghotel Frankfurt The <link https: en apartments derag-livinghotel-frankfurt.542 external-link-new-window livinghotel>Derag…

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SO!APART-Awards 2016 – Nominations of Jury Categories

  This year the jury decides in five categories about the winners of the SO!APART-Awards. However, before they can take up their work, Sylvie Konzack, Chief Editor of first class magazine, nominates five houses per category. In a second step they will be…

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SO!APART 2016 – Our Partners (Part 3)

  We are very proud about the strong support for the SO!APART from our wonderful partners and say a huge THANK YOU!  <link https: en dialogue blog article soapart-2016-our-partners external-link-new-window internal link in current>VISIONAPARTMENTS; Adina Apartment Hotels and IDeaS as well as <link https: en dialogue blog article soapart-2016-our-partners-part-2 external-link-new-window internal link in current>ipartment, JOI-Desgin und Brera Serviced Apartments have already been…

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Hot News from Munich for You

Summer is back and right on time we have the hottest news from Munich for you! We proudly introduce to you our latest additions to our portfolio from the city on the Isar. Explore <link https: en serviced-apartments munich external-link-new-window apartments in>Munich in a special way! <link https: en apartments bold-hotel-muenchen-zentrum.538 external-link-new-window hotel munich>BOLD Hotel Munich Zentrum is located just off…

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After the Brexit - A View of the Serviced-Apartment-Industry

Two months after the referendum of the Britons, which confirmed the Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union by a narrow margin, some of the impacts are already clearly noticeable, others still not yet fully predictable. How the various…

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SO!APART 2016 – Our Partners (Part 2)

We are very pleased to get such great support for the SO!APART! Thank you very much! We already <link https: en dialogue blog article soapart-2016-our-partners linkarrow our partners adina apartment hotels and>introduced our partners VISIONAPARTMENTS, Adina Apartment Hotels and IDeaS. Please read here who else gives us important support as a sponsor:   Exclusive…

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Seven at One Sweep

Since August 2016 we are pleased to welcome seven selected Livinghotels by the Derag Group as new partner houses on our online platform. The success story of the family-run, medium-sized enterprise started in 1982 with the opening of the first Derag…

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SO!APART-Awards 2016 – Extra Points for the Audience Awards

The online-voting for the audience awards of the SO!APART 2016 is already in full swing. On the <link http: en voting-2016-2 _blank>SO!APART website you can cast your vote. Some of the houses did not miss the opportunity and submitted with their application a freestyle surprise. To say…

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New Apartment Houses Online at Apartmentservice – Ludwigsburg, Ratingen and Hamburg

More and more operators of apartment houses and aparthotels list their newly opened properties on our online database. We are delighted and proudly present you three new houses.   Ahoy and Welcome at HARBR. boardinghouse Ludwigsburg Although Ludwigsburg…

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SO!APART 2016 – Our Partners (Part 1)

It is a great pleasure to have once again valuable partners for this year´s SO!APART. So we proudly present the first three of our sponsors to you. Thank you very much for supporting this important event for the serviced apartment segment!   Exclusive…

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New Partner for the Project „The Apartment of the Future“

The project „The Apartment of the Future“ was jointly initiated by <link http: welcome.html _blank>Hotelkompetenzzentrum and <link http: _blank>Boardinghouse Consulting in summer 2015. Last November, during the <link http: en _blank>SO!APART – our annual meeting of the serviced apartment industry – an interactive think tank…

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15 Years Apartmentservice – An Anniversary Anecdote

15 years of a successful company history are exciting and deserve a small review. Over the years a lot of projects were developed but also a lot of interesting, exciting and sometimes even difficult things happened, which pushed the business forward in…

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We summed up your questions and our answers regarding the application for the SO!APART Award. Why should I apply? The SO!APART Awards recognise the best serviced apartments in Germany as well as the best “international” one. The awards are a performance…

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New Apartments in Graz and Munich

Today we would like to present to you two new apartments in Graz and Munich, which we have just added to our portfolio. AMEDIA Luxury Suites in Graz Graz, the state capital of Styria, is the third largest metropolitan region in Austria. Many mechanical…

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Serviced Apartments – an Industry on the Move

SO!APART 2016 Will Award the Best Serviced Apartments The sector of serviced apartments grows rapidly in the German-speaking market. Thereby, many serviced apartments convince by their sophisticated interior design, innovative concepts and exceptional…

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Newly-built Serviced Apartments in Dresden and Berlin

“You are as welcome as the flowers in May.” (Charles Macklin). Today we are introducing to you two new apartment houses which we have just added to our ever-expanding portfolio. SERVICED APARTMENTS IM LEBENDIGEN HAUS The SERVICED APARTMENTS IM…

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