Trend: More business travel, less stress

By Sylvie Konzack

According to a recent study, business travellers' attitudes toward business trips have changed: As much as they enjoy being on the road again - both privately and professionally - their stress levels during business trips have dropped by 27 percentage points over the past two years. This is one of the findings of the "Chefsache Business Travel" survey, an initiative of travel management companies in the German Travel Association (DRV), which has been conducted for ten years.

New, changed business trip comeback

According to the study, the end of the pandemic has not only produced many catch-up effects, but also a more conscious decision as to whether a meeting needs personal exchange or can only take place online. In connection with this, a new appreciation of business trips as a welcome change between the home office and the office routine can be observed, according to the analysts of the study. "What increased the pressure before Corona is now exciting again and thus less stressful," they say. While 61 per cent still felt high stress levels on business trips in 2020, only 34 per cent reported this last year.

A certain serenity has thus developed among employees, especially with regard to changes in plans. In 2022, 92 percent of business travellers felt little stressed by the possibility of last-minute travel changes. In 2015, only 38 per cent had indicated this. Rebookings and cancellations, and thus a certain flexibility, are now part of everyday New Work life.

Serviced apartments correspond to new business travel trends

To this end, the services of business travel service providers are being used much more than before the pandemic. In addition to business travel agencies, these also include specialised agents such as for serviced apartments. "We are clearly feeling the new trend towards fewer but longer business trips," says Anett Gregorius, Founder and Owner of Apartmentservice, the agency platform for serviced apartments. Reservations Manager Robert Lorenz-Pedersen adds: "Due to the increased bundling of business appointments in one region, business travellers now want to stay longer in one location, and the demands for self-catering options, more space and a residential feel are rising accordingly. Serviced apartments, in all their diversity, perfectly meet this need and are proving to be a hotel alternative for more and more business travellers."

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