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Questions about Apartmentservice

What is Apartmentservice?

Apartmentservice is the first independent agency for serviced apartments in Germany and the expert for temporary living in German-speaking countries. Serviced apartments are offered on the booking platform, which can be booked either on request or directly online.

What exactly does Apartmentservice offer me?

On the online booking portal Apartmentservice presents a large number of serviced apartments for business or private stays in Germany. International destinations are also offered.

The reservations team of Apartmentservice researches suitable accommodations for its customers, manages the entire booking process from inquiry to reservation confirmation, and is also available to help with booking extensions or shortenings. Find out more about the specific advantages of working with Apartmentservice for business travellers, corporate clients, relocation service agencies, business travel agencies and leisure travellers.

Where are the serviced apartments located that Apartmentservice offers?

Currently you can find serviced apartments on our booking platform in over 150 destinations. The focus is on the German-speaking area. For a detailed overview of all locations, please visit our country pages Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also offer serviced apartments in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, New York and Bangkok. Through the continuous opening of new serviced apartment operations, we are regularly expanding our portfolio. If you are looking for an apartment in a city that is not listed here, we will be happy to check our extensive internal database, which contains a large number of other properties.

I can't find the right apartment for me on your platform yet. Can you help me anyway?

If you have not yet found the right destination for you, we will be happy to research it for you individually.

How much does the research, assistance and booking service cost?

The service of Apartmentservice is completely free of charge. You only pay for the apartment rental of the respective accommodation, we do not charge any surcharges.

Questions about the booking process

How can I make a non-binding booking request?

You have several options to send us your request:

  1. Each property entry has a "request" button. There you can directly request a serviced apartment in the desired property.
  2. You send us a booking request for the location you are looking for via the general contact form.
  3. You send an e-mail with all information about your request to
  4. We are also happy to advise you personally. Give us a call! The reservation team is available for you by phone from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 6 pm at +49 (0)30 96 06 09 49 0.

What information do I need to provide to Apartmentservice?

If you fill in the inquiry or contact form completely, we have all the necessary information. Important for us and our partner properties are the following details:

  •  In which location are you looking for a serviced apartment?
  •  Tell us the date of arrival and departure.
  •  For how many people is the accommodation required?
  •  Are there any children traveling with you? If so, how many and what ages are they?
  •  Will pets be accompanying you? If so, which ones (dog? cat?) and how many?
  •  Please tell us your approximate budget for the stay or per night.
  •  Do you need a landlord's confirmation of residence ("WGB") so you can use it to register with local authorities?
  •  Do you wish to be billed via the AirPlus payment solution?
  •  Do you have any other requirements for the accommodation (e. g. location, suitable for allergy sufferers, etc.)?

In any case, we also need your name and e-mail address so that we can contact you. The more information you provide, the faster we can place your request with our partners. Unfortunately, queries can delay the preparation of the offer.

What is the booking procedure?

After we have received your booking request, we will research suitable serviced apartments for the location you are looking for or make inquiries at the desired property. We will then send you the available offers. The non-binding booking request becomes a binding booking when you have confirmed your selection with your signature. We will then make the reservation for you at the accommodation and send you the reservation confirmation with all relevant information about arrival and departure as well as the contact details of the accommodation at short notice.

Are site inspections possible prior to booking?

Of course, Apartmentservice will also organise a site inspection at the property for you. Especially if the stay is to be booked for several months, the location of the apartment in the building (floor? evening sun?) and the equipment (balcony? refrigerator with freezer?) are particularly important. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What information and documents does Apartmentservice need for the booking?

Each booking is made in writing. We need your full contact information (name, address, e-mail address and phone number) and a credit card number to guarantee the booking. We ask companies for a credit card security or cost transfer declaration.

What are the cancellation policies?

The cancellation policies are regulated individually by the apartment operators. You can find out about the details on the respective offer profile or on your reservation confirmation.

What do I need to check in?

Aparthotels often have a permanently staffed reception (24/7). This is where you present your reservation confirmation. Check-in outside reception hours is now easily possible digitally in many accommodations. For this purpose, you will receive from the accommodation in good time prior to arrival (usually by e-mail or via an app) either an access code for the entrance door and the apartment or the key safe in which the key to the serviced apartment is located. Apartmentservice informs you in the reservation confirmation about the respective handling of the booked accommodation.

When and where do I pay for my accommodation?

Apartmentservice acts only as an agent for serviced apartments and does not accept payments. The booking party usually makes an advance payment to the accommodation directly after the booking is completed, but no later than upon check-in. Detailed information on payment terms can be found in the reservation confirmation. For stays over several months, payment is made monthly in advance. Many serviced apartment operators accept the payment solution AirPlus or cost absorption declarations from companies. In this case, invoicing for the employee's stay is possible.

Can I register with the local authorities after moving into the serviced apartment booked through Apartmentservice?
Will I receive a landlord's confirmation of residence ("WGB") from the operator?

For many guests arriving from abroad, a serviced apartment is the first place of residence in Germany. In order to be able to move permanently from there into a flat or house of their own, these guests need a confirmation from the apartment provider that they are resident here in Germany, a so-called landlord's confirmation of residence (="Wohnungsgeberbestätigung/WGB"). Fortunately, this confirmation is issued by many of our contracted partners. The exact conditions of residence for this can be found on the individual property listings.


Questions about serviced apartments

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are furnished accommodation units that always come with a kitchen or kitchenette. This makes them particularly interesting for travellers who need accommodation for a period of a few weeks or months. A stay in a hotel room would be too long without the possibility of self-catering, while the rental period for a flat of one's own would be too short. Serviced apartments close this gap and combine the best of both worlds.

Each apartment offered on the booking portal of Apartmentservice has a fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette where you can prepare your meals independently of restaurant times. The focus of serviced apartments is on living, while in hotel rooms the focus is on the bed, i.e. sleeping. A serviced apartment offers you freedom and flexibility. You are free to receive visitors and you can enjoy your privacy. For more information on all the features and benefits of serviced apartments, click here.

What do I get for my money? What services can I expect?

If you choose a serviced apartment, the total price already includes all costs. This includes the overnight rate including statutory VAT, electricity, water and heating costs as well as access to the internet. In individual cases, additional charges for city tax or broadcasting fees may apply.

A serviced apartment is always equipped with towels and bed linen in addition to the obligatory kitchen with crockery, cutlery, pots and kitchen utensils. Depending on the standard of service, there are different equipment features in the accommodations. On our accommodation pages these are listed in detail per apartment category.

The basic services of serviced apartments include a (usually weekly) cleaning service including linen change. Depending on the concept of the operation, the scope of services offered, which can be added, varies considerably. Whether you want to use these offers, you decide yourself individually and according to need.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

As a rule, you can book serviced apartments for as little as one night. The rate tables in the listings give you detailed information about the stay and price ranges of the respective partner properties.

In the segment, a distinction is made between apartments with serviced apartment and aparthotels in terms of length of stay. Longstay in a apartments with service means a stay from about one month, in an aparthotel, however, already from 15 nights.


Questions about sustainability

What distinguishes sustainable serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are on principal the better alternative to hotels when it comes to sustainability. Due to their design, serviced apartments invite their guests to stay longer. This in itself leads to less wear and tear on the furniture and apartment equipment. Apartment cleaning is usually no longer done daily, but weekly or even fortnightly, and linen is also changed less frequently. Many serviced apartments have only been built in the last ten years - many new ones are currently under construction - and in many places the issue of sustainability is already being looked at in the planning phase. Therefore, we have dedicated an extra section in our portal listings just to the topic of sustainability. There our partner properties can present how they are committed to sustainability.

The following categories in the area of sustainability can be recorded:

  • energy
  • water & cleaning
  • waste management
  • food & beverage
  • mobility
  • biodiversity
  • social responsibility

You will be surprised what is possible! There are even sheep on a roof!


Questions about the properties

What kind of properties are listed on the booking platform of Apartmentservice?

On there are listed only properties that offer accommodation units with a kitchen or kitchenette. These are 99 % serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are classified under German building law as so-called commercial concepts (just like hotels). In Germany, the maximum stay in commercially operated apartment is limited to a maximum of six months. A small part of our apartment offering is based on the residential concept "serviced accommodation", which is designed for stays of several months up to several years. Further information on this subject is available in the glossary under serviced apartments and serviced accommodation. Here, the furnishings are not "ready to move in". For example, bed linen and towels and kitchen equipment are missing. Also there are no services offered by the operation, however, the monthly rates are somewhat cheaper.

What are the minimum requirements for listed properties?

  •  All properties listed on the Apartmentservice booking platform are professionally operated, i. e. Apartmentservice does not offer any privately operated apartments or flats.
  •  The accommodation must be licensed for temporary housing within the legal framework. This is especially true in cities where legal action is taken against residential misappropriation.
  •  Most properties have a minimum of 15 units, exceptions like the beautiful Villa Salve (10 units) confirm the rule.
  •  In the apartments - at least functionally - separated living and sleeping areas should be recognisable. A seating area (sofa or armchair) is provided in addition to the bed.
  •  Kitchens are equipped with cooking facilities, refrigerator, sink and kitchen utensils, i. e. dishes, cutlery, pots.
  •  The provision of towels and bed linen corresponds to the general hotel standard. There are deviations for serviced accommodation.

What is the difference between aparthotels and apartments with service?

The differences between these two types of operation are contrasted in this article (German). However, due to the high diversity of offerings and constantly newly developed apartment concepts, the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred.

What is the difference between commercial and residential apartment concepts?

The differences between the concepts are mainly of a building law nature, but have far-reaching implications for further project development. The article "Gewerbe oder doch Wohnen?" provides a very good insight into the topic (in German language).

Why does Apartmentservice not list any apartments from private landlords?

The founder and owner of Apartmentservice, Anett Gregorius, "fell in love" with the concept of serviced apartments, which were relatively unknown at the time, while she was still a student. A passion that has motivated her for more than 20 years to get involved in this special segment of the hotel industry.

Through the professional operation of serviced apartments, companies can ensure their business travellers and customers that the legal requirements for hygiene, safety and fire protection regulations are met and that they fulfill their duty of care to their employees.

Questions for operators of serviced apartments

How to become a partner of Apartmentservice? What are the requirements?

We appreciate your interest as a serviced apartment operator to have your accommodation listed on We are constantly looking for new partners, especially in locations that are not currently represented on our portal. You can find initial information on our web page advantages for serviced apartment operators. The following requirements should be met:

If you can tick each requirement, please contact us. In order to list your property on our platform, we conclude a detailed advertising and agency contract, which regulates all rights and obligations and introduces you to the service package of Apartmentservice.

How do I make my serviced apartment operation bookable online?

In order for your apartments to be directly bookable online, a supplementary agreement to the advertising and agency contract must first be concluded. We work as an OTA with the technology of HotelNetSolutions. There are already connections to various channel managers, so you can load your rates directly into our portal. Operations that can be booked online always appear at the top of the cities' hit lists. For more details please contact us.

Who is responsible for keeping the property listings up to date?

From now on, you can manage your property entry yourself via the Apartmentservice Data Center and keep it up to date. You can upload photos and add new features yourself. You will receive the access link to our extranet from our partner support team. Please send a mail to

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