New Partner for the Project „The Apartment of the Future“

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Thursday, 14. July 2016

The Apartment of the Future

The project „The Apartment of the Future“ was jointly initiated by Hotelkompetenzzentrum and Boardinghouse Consulting in summer 2015. Last November, during the SO!APART – our annual meeting of the serviced apartment industry – an interactive think tank was conducted, where the project received new impulses. Recently, both parties have entered a strategic project partnership with the industry giants JOI-Design and Adina Apartment Hotels in order to further develop and realise this project. The partners of the various hotel branches aim to develop an innovative and promising room concept for serviced apartments and therewith facilitate the access for investors and potential operators in this growing market segment. „The Apartment of the Future“ is supposed to be completed and realised at the Hotelkompetenzzentrum at the beginning of 2017.

Also, the project should offer enterprises a platform with new and innovative ideas in the areas of technology and interior design. The founding stone for this project was laid during the SO!APART 2015, where ideas of investors and operators were collected. Both parties put their focus on high-tech. They primarily asked for the navigation of technical equipment through smart phones, faster data transfer and the compatibility of multiple terminal devices. They also pointed out the importance of data security. The connection between design and functionality is also regarded as becoming more and more important, as much as the demand for multi-functional technical devices and micro solutions. Both parties estimate that individual scopes for design in comfortable living areas are essential. Furthermore, operators appreciate a functioning technical support as well long-lasting, low-maintainance and high-quality interior design. Investors are looking for productive economic business models.

Altogether the expectations of investors and operators move into a similar direction and we are curious, what the hotel-building experts from Hotelkompetenzzentrum and their partners will develop. However, since the opinion of guests shall be considered too – ultimately they decide whether an apartment house is successful or not by placing their bookings – a survey regarding their ideas and wishes will be conducted in the near future and these results will be incorporated into the project as well. We are looking forward to the continued collaboration and will keep you informed about the latest news and developments!