On business in Nuremberg or Ludwigshafen? Even if temporary, it´s got to feel like home!

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Tuesday, 30. May 2017

Right in the heart of Nuremberg MELTER Hotel & Apartments is an ideal living space for temporary stays in the region comprised of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fuerth. It combines ideally what seemed not to belong together before. Service or private sphere? As a guest at MELTER you enjoy both - exactly as you have always wished for. You are free to make use of the services provided like the restaurant Mondo or stay in and relax in your own apartment. Old or new? One doesn´t rule out the other. The heritage-protected facade is responsible for the unique charm of the outside while the special design of its interior could as well be found in the most contemporary concepts. Pedestrian area or accessiblity? No problem. The Old Town is literally a few steps away and you could just be somewhere else in no time - this place is very well connected to the city´s public transport. MELTER offers a relaxed time after a busy day as well as ideal conditions for a perfect temporay living option.


At EUROPA HOTEL Ludwigshafen you are also free do decide jus as the fancy takes you: dinner out or do your own cooking? Stare at the inner city´s skyline from the terrace or release power at the gym and swimming pool? Take a walk to the close-by shore of the river Rhine or go to a business meeting. Or even go on a shopping tour in Mannheim or Heidelberg, both well-connected neighbouring cities. As a guest at this apartment house which was completed at the end of 2016, you´ll enjoy the freedom to choose throughout your whome stay. EUROPA HOTEL is looking forward to welcoming you in a world of flexibility just as it feels at your own home. Every day, again and again. Sounds perfect!