„A segment on everyone’s lips” – workshop on the subject of Serviced Apartments

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Monday, 7. September 2015

On 13 October 2015 the Serviced Apartment workshop will take place in Berlin for the third time. Everything revolves around the topic of Serviced Apartments. Differences between the segment, booking options and the most common misconceptions of the segment will be explained extensively for all who are concerned with planning, booking and retailing of mid- and long-term stays.

The communication between the connoisseurs of the sector and the most important target group of  Serviced Apartments will stand in the focus of the workshop, because travel managers, retailers and employees of HR are all confronted with the different possibilities of the hotel industry on a daily basis. Within the scope of a business breakfast, all participants are invited to get to know new concepts of the Serviced Apartment segment and hence clarify various questions in a common exchange.

Besides concisely analysing the differences between the classic hotel industry and Serviced Apartments, also advantages and disadvantages will be explained in more detail. Furthermore, the question about the graduation of prices and the role of classic yielding is also as important as where Serviced Apartments can be booked and how these can be integrated in the travel guidelines of companies.

The aim of the workshop is to bring light into the darkness of the world of Serviced Apartments and to give the participants of the workshop an overview about the segment and its potential.Subscribe until 29 September 2015 for our workshop in Berlin at AMANO Hotel! Further information about the workshop on of Serviced Apartments and the detailed programme as well as the registration form can be found here.

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