Travelling on business? But only by car!

How do you do your business travel? Do you use the train or the plane? Or do you currently prefer to use your own vehicle to reach your destination safely and as contactlessly as possible? The demand and the need for car parking spaces in connection with a serviced apartment booking is currently growing steadily, so that we at have taken a close look at what our servcied apartment partners have to offer - especially in the metropolises.

For example, more than half of our listed properties in Hamburg have an underground car park. Here you can park your car safely and only a few steps away from your apartment. (Prices range from a reasonable EUR 2.00 per day to around EUR 18.00 per day). Parking worries are also unfounded when booking all other serviced apartments in Hamburg. Most of our partner properties offer parking spaces at an average price of around EUR 8.50 per day and parking space. Almost everywhere there are alternative public parking facilities, some of which are free of charge.

The parking situation in Frankfurt/Main is similar. Apart from a few exceptions - here, however, the connection to local and long-distance public transport is excellent - about 60 % of our partners have an underground car park (the price range here is from around EUR 4.50 to EUR 28.00 per day). Some providers state that they have their own car park. The average cost is around EUR 12.00 per day per parking space. The use of public car parks here is almost always subject to charges.

Even in the busy metropolis of Berlin, it is ensured that you can park your car in the immediate vicinity of your temporary home. The vast majority of the apartment properties listed with us have an underground car park (EUR 8.00 to EUR 22.00 per day) or their own parking spaces (average price EUR 8.00 per day and parking space). Long-stay guests sometimes get considerably better rates here. Public car parks are widely available in Berlin, sometimes at fair prices.

The destination Munich joins the ranks. Here, too, any concerns about not finding a parking space for your car are unfounded. Almost all the operators we refer on our platform have an underground car park. Prices range from EUR 5.00 to EUR 22.00 per day. Here, too, long-stay visitors enjoy noticeably discounted conditions, often only or even less than EUR 5.00 per day. The hotels that provide their own parking spaces usually even offer them free of charge.

Travelling with your own vehicle can currently be a sensible way to arrive safely and in good health at your destination. Even in large cities, where seemingly every spot is built up, almost all of our partners ensure that you as a business traveller can park your own vehicle in the immediate vicinity of your place of residence at mostly fair prices.