Excellently ambitious

We are very pleased that we are able to offer in our portfolio serviced apartment properties that are excellent in both senses of the word and at the same time stand for a great deal of commitment.

PhilsPlace Full-Service Apartments Vienna was not only awarded the SO!APART Award in the category "big and grand - apartments with service" in 2019, but has also, according to the jury's reasoning, developed a serviced apartment concept in a large architectural icon that elevates the segment to a grand stage. What does this mean for the guest? The PhilsPlace combines opposites: between city and country, between working life and leisure, between black and white, between simply staying overnight and quite a lot of service. The PhilsPlace is housed in the Philips House, one of the most beautiful buildings by the legendary architect Karl Schwanzer, and thus in an icon of modernity that has now been skilfully converted into a Vertical Village. In addition to the 135 full serviced apartments, there is a restaurant, a supermarket, a bank and a modern gym in the building.

The "brains" behind ipartment, Matthias Rincón and Ralph Stock, received the SO!APART Special Award because, as career changers, they created a brand that, from the very beginning, created cosiness with a wow effect for the long-stay - something that did not exist when they entered the market in 2009. Since then, the brand has won several awards. With ipartment Wolfsburg and ipartment Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel, we can now offer two more ipartment properties. The property in the Bahnhofsviertel in particular shows that the two creators will not be swayed from their path. Due to its contrasts - light girls, hippsters and bankers, cheap shops and internationally hip bars - the quarter made it to 12th place in the "52 places to go" compiled by the New York Times in 2014 and yet would not be everyone's cup of tea. ipartment has created just as much of a place to feel at home there, however, as they have been offering in the more tranquil Wolfsburg-Vorsfelde since 2019.

The first STAYERY property in Berlin has just received the SO!APART Award in the category "new and special" and the STAYERY Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof now also welcomes its guests under this motto.  As in Berlin, the designers from studio aisslinger have planned the apartments in such a way that the guest doesn't really have to do anything more than arrive. ... and perhaps drop by the loft in the evening for an after-work beer with the neighbours, use the co-working space for work or watch a round of TV or play table football with the other guests in the lounge. But everything is free and as you like it.