Charter of Temporary Living

In the serviced apartment segment, various terms are still used to describe one and the same concept. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for guests to find the right product. There is a lack of transparency for the products and the market visibility decreases. As a result, valuable booking potential is lost.

Apartmentservice and a number of apartment operators already worked on a uniform definition of terms and lengths of stay in the serviced apartment segment in 2014. As a result of this working group, a matrix has been created that provides an overview of the temporary market. At SO!APART 2016, the industry meeting of the serviced apartment world, the definitions of stay and terms were now presented as a charter for temporary living. The project developers, suppliers and operators of serviced apartments present were asked to support the uniform definition of terms with their signature.

Representatives of the following operators signed:

  • Base Management SA
  • BOLD Hotels
  • Brera GmbH
  • DasApartmentHaus
  • iPartment AG
  • iPartment GmbH
  • Quartier 96
  • SMARTments business
  • The Staytement Living GmbH
  • Timehouse GmbH & Co. KG
  • TRINOM Business Apartments
  • VISION Zürich AG

But investors, project developers and service providers in the industry also signed the charter:

  • Bondi Immobilien-Consulting GmbH
  • Hermann Kappe GmbH
  • Key&Card AG
  • MIKU Fliesen- und Natursteinhandel GmbH
  • rincón 2 medien GmbH
  • VivaPLAN GmbH


Join in!

Also support the uniform definitions of terms and residence by signing. Send the signed charter on temporary living by e-mail to

An overview of all terms and definitions related to serviced apartments can be found here.