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ipartment Böblingen-Sindelfingen

Konrad-Zuse-Straße 16, 71034 Boeblingen, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
20-60 m2 | max. 2 guests | minimum stay: 3 nights

from 29 nights from 51,00 € per night

3 - 6 nights from 89,00 € per night


Strombergstraße 15, 70188 Stuttgart, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
25-62 m2 | max. 4 guests | minimum stay: 1 night

30 - 89 nights from 1,55 € per month

1 - 6 nights from 74,00 € per night


Wolframstraße 41-43, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany
studio to 2-bedroom apartment
33-126 m2 | max. 5 guests | minimum stay: 1 night

1 - 2 months from 3,40 € per month

1 - 6 nights from 120,00 € per night

Das Schlafwerk Stuttgart-Nord

Heinrich-Lanz-Straße 2, 70825 Korntal-Muenchingen, Germany
studio to 2-bedroom apartment
14-49.50 m2 | max. 6 guests

from 29 nights from 31,00 € per night

1 - 28 nights from 44,00 € per night

Aparthotel Adagio access Stuttgart Airport Messe

Bertha-Benz-Platz 5, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
20-26 m2 | max. 4 guests

from 28 nights from 39,00 € per night

4 - 9 nights from 69,00 € per night

Rioca Stuttgart Posto 4

Salzwiesenstraße 7, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany
25-45 m2 | max. 4 guests

30 - 92 nights from 39,00 € per night

1 - 6 nights from 79,00 € per night

Büroma-Apart Suites Stuttgart II

Schwarzwaldstraße 11, 73734 Stuttgart, Germany
studio to 3-bedroom apartment
20-140 m2 | max. 4 guests | minimum stay: 3 nights

from 29 nights from 41,00 € per night

3 - 6 nights from 61,00 € per night

MAVO Hospitality Stuttgart

Marienplatz 5B, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
studio to 3-bedroom apartment
25-140 m2 | max. 4 guests | minimum stay: 3 nights

from 29 nights from 51,00 € per night

3 - 6 nights from 77,00 € per night

HARBR. boardinghouse Ludwigsburg

Wilhelm-Bleyle-Straße 6, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany
23 -35 m2 | max. 2 guests

from 30 nights from 69,00 € per night

Adina Apartment Hotel Stuttgart

Kopenhagener Straße 3, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
25-38 m2 | max. 3 guests | minimum stay: 14 nights

30 - 59 nights from 149,00 € per night

Experience Stuttgart!

The Stuttgart region is known as one of the strongest export and most innovative business locations in Germany. One of the most important sectors is the automotive industry. Daimler AG and also Porsche have their headquarters in Stuttgart and employ 40,000 and 8,000 people there respectively. There are also other companies from the automotive supply industry. In addition, the financial sector is also of great importance for the economic power of the city. Numerous banks and insurers such as LBBW, Allianz SE or Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG are represented in Stuttgart. In a national comparison, Stuttgart shows one of the most dynamic developments and offers not only an excellent economic power but also a high quality of life.

Stuttgart offers plenty of opportunities for cultural and job-related activities. In order to relax, the serviced apartments of Apartmentservice are stylishly and individually decorated and ask for a suitable place to relax. The number of serviced apartments in Stuttgart has increased significantly in recent years. Many new serviced apartments operations have opened to meet the increasing demand for serviced apartments in Stuttgart. Book one of our homely serviced apartments and enjoy your stay in the Franconian metropolis.

Blick auf Stuttgart
Opernhaus Stuttgart
Innenansicht der Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart am Mailänder Platz
Brunnen vor dem neuen Schloss Stuttgart

Characteristic for Stuttgart is the valley location, which leads to a comparatively warm climate and even allows viticulture on the mountain slopes. The city's most famous sights are the television tower on the Hoher Bopser, the Stuttgart Zoo with its unique combination of animal enclosures and botanical garden, and the New Palace in the city centre. Stuttgart was once the residence of the Duchy of Wuerttemberg; due to numerous delays, the construction of the palace took over sixty years (1746 to 1807). The city was largely destroyed during World War II, but the palace complex was rebuilt by 1964 and is now the seat of both the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics.

Stuttgart is considered an important cultural centre in southwestern Germany and has a lively cultural scene with a large and diverse range of offerings. It has already received the title of "Cultural Capital of Germany" several times as a result, which is why there are numerous recommendable cultural institutions. These include, for example, museums such as the Stadtpalais, the Wuerttemberg State Museum or the State Museum of Natural History. For those interested in art, a visit to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart or the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is recommended. Those who want to trace the city's rich automotive history can learn a lot at both the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums.

Stuttgart not only offers numerous worthwhile leisure activities and places to visit in the city centre, but the surrounding area in particular is always worth a trip. Due to the climatically favorable location in the Neckar valley, there are over 400 hectares of vineyards in the city area. The history and tradition of winegrowing in the region can be experienced on Stuttgart's five winegrowing trails. These offer a great view of Stuttgart and the surrounding region as well as opportunities for wine tastings at one of 22 wineries or insights into the winegrowing tradition of the region at the Uhlbach Wine Museum along a route of around 40 km.