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Brera Serviced Apartments Leipzig

Große Fleischergasse 19, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
33-62 m2 | max. 3 guests | minimum stay: 4 nights

28 - 180 nights from 35,00 € per night

4 - 14 nights from 70,00 € per night

BaseCamp Leipzig

Prager Straße 53, 04317 Leipzig, Germany
18-35 m2 | max. 2 guests | minimum stay: 3 months

3 - 6 months from 580,00 € per month

Haus Feuerbach

Feuerbachstraße 17/17a, 04105 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
40-65 m2 | max. 4 guests

from 29 nights from 30,00 € per night

2 - 6 nights from 55,00 € per night

Atlanta Boardinghouse Leipzig

Südring 21 a, 04416 Markkleeberg, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
26-52 m2 | max. 5 guests

from 30 nights from 34,00 € per night

4 - 13 nights from 94,00 € per night

acora Leipzig Living the City

Anton-Zickmantel-Straße 44, 04249 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
26-50 m2 | max. 4 guests | minimum stay: 1 night

per month from 37,00 € per night

from 1 nights from 49,00 € per night

Felix Suiten am Augustusplatz

Augustusplatz 1-3, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 2-bedroom apartment
18-65 m2 | max. 6 guests

28 - 84 nights from 38,00 € per night

1 - 27 nights from 89,00 € per night

Seminaris Hotel Leipzig

Hans-Driesch-Straße 27, 04179 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
28-63 m2 | max. 5 guests | minimum stay: 3 nights

from 3 nights from 40,00 € per night

from 3 nights from 40,00 € per night

Suite Hotel Leipzig

Permoserstraße 50, 04328 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
27 -38 m2 | max. 2 guests

from 25 nights from 49,00 € per night

1 - 6 nights from 65,00 € per night

Elster Lofts

Nonnenstraße 21-21a, 04229 Leipzig, Germany
1-bedroom apartment to 3-bedroom apartment
60-110 m2 | max. 6 guests | minimum stay: 28 nights

from 28 nights from 50,00 € per night

MIABODA Appartements

Paul-Gruner-Straße 44, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
21-41 m2 | max. 4 guests

from 28 nights from 52,00 € per night

1 - 6 nights from 92,00 € per night

Quartier M

Markgrafenstraße 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
40-60 m2 | max. 4 guests

from 29 nights from 60,00 € per night

1 - 6 nights from 80,00 € per night

Adina Apartment Hotel Leipzig

Bruehl 50, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
studio to 1-bedroom apartment
22-40 m2 | max. 4 guests | minimum stay: 14 nights

30 - 59 nights from 105,00 € per night

Experience Leipzig!

Leipzig - the new hip Berlin - is a lively and vibrant city, a place full of possibilities and facets. Leipzig has many designations: Goethe called the city "Little Paris", the social media industry characterised it as hypey, and for the die-hards, it's still their good old "Leipzsch." But no matter what Leipzig is called, the Saxon metropolis is one of the most exciting and developing cities in Germany. In addition to a growing population, Leipzig is also happy about the settlement of new and exciting projects and start-ups. The thriving economy is not solely due to the innovations, but the central location in central Germany also attracts the big players such as Porsche, Amazon, DHL and Zalando.

There is a lot to see and experience in Leipzig. For this reason, it is important to have a retreat where relaxation and the feel-good factor come first. With our individually serviced apartments you get exactly that: an apartment where you can find rest, recharge your batteries and relax. Our serviced apartments are equipped with modern technology to make your home office work as comfortable as possible. Book your apartment in a district of your choice today and enjoy your time in Leipzig.

Außenansicht der Nikolaikirche in Leipzig ©stock.adobe.com_EdNurg
Alte Börse in Leipzig ©stock.adobe.com_kameraauge
Johannapark in Leipzig ©stock.adobe.com_Martina Schikore
Augustusplatz in Leipzig ©stock.adobe.com_Igor

You have a longer business trip to Leipzig and are looking for suitable accommodation for your long-term stay? Hotels or specially rented, furnished apartments are often expensive and the search for them is costly and time-consuming. With our serviced apartments, we offer you exactly the right alternative: affordable accommodation that makes temporary living in the city on the river Pleisse something very special.

Many of the serviced apartments offered by Apartmentservice are located at or in the historic houses of the city centre and not far from magnificent shopping arcades, such as the Mädler Passage or Speck's Hof, which invite visitors to shop and linger.

Due to the historical past Leipzig has to offer very diverse sights. The lovingly restored old town, in which some of our serviced apartments are located, impresses with beautiful buildings from the Art Nouveau period. Many buildings also date back to the Gründerzeit, when Leipzig developed rapidly after the onset of industrialisation.

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations towers 91 meters above the city and offers its visitors an impressive view of the entire region. At least as prominent is Leipzig's Thomasschule, where Johann Sebastian Bach began his service as Thomaskantor in 1723. The Leipzig Bach Festival is held annually in July in his honour.

Leipzig is a city for connoisseurs. Whether you want to turn into a real Saxon while living there for a while or simply look forward to the "Leipziger Gose" to go with the good home cooking: Your palate will thank you. Numerous cozy coffee houses, convivial bars, historic restaurants and pubs are waiting for your visit. In the Barthels Hof inn, for example, Saxon food has been cooked and eaten for over 500 years.

The restaurant offers the largest selection of Leipzig specialties. A major tourist attraction is Auerbachs Keller. As the second oldest restaurant in the city, it gained fame primarily through Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his "Faustus". Symbiose" serves a variety of vegan delicacies.