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'LINDNER Messe Residence'

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LINDNER Messe Residence

The twelve-storey high apartment hotel Lindner Messe Residence is located in the Dusseldorf district of Golzheim, near the magnificent Nordpark and Aquazoo. The Rhinepromenade, the trade fair exhibiti... more information

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    'Living Hotel Düsseldorf'

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    Living Hotel Düsseldorf

    Are you interested in a headquarter in a prime location? Then come to the Living Hotel Düsseldorf. Look forward to comfort, hospitality and serviced apartments that are perfectly adapted to your ever... more information

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      'BURNS Art & Culture'

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      BURNS Art & Culture

      BURNS Art & Culture offers 33 spacious serviced apartments in a stylish design and luxurious ambience. The house is centrally and quietly located in the centre of Dusseldorf. The exclusive apartments ... more information

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        'THE RED'

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        THE RED

        Premium serviced apartments in top location - suite, penthouse or studio – anyone looking for temporary luxurious accommodation in Dusseldorf will find the right address in apartment hotel THE RED. ... more information

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        'Hotel Gräfrather Hof'

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        Hotel Gräfrather Hof

        The Hotel Gräfrather Hof is centrally located on the market square in the idyllic historic centre of Solingen-Gräfrath. Here time seems to stand still. The hotel with its guest and apartment houses,... more information

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          11 results for your search

          Serviced Apartments in Dusseldorf


          "You had better stayed in Dusseldorf…" This old German music hit is still valid today, however, with a positive connotation. Dusseldorf is a city which you shouldn't just have seen but also experienced. "Wat et nit all jöwt!" If you want to understand the Dusseldorf dialect, you must have a lot of fantasy at the beginning. Nevertheless, we are pleased to introduce Dusseldorf and its serviced apartments to you.

          When you are in Dusseldorf for a longer period of time but don't want to rent a flat, then take a look at our large selection of serviced apartments. Either directly in the city centre or close to the fairground, we are able to find you a perfect furnished apartment! Good to know: We are not a private accommodation service agency but solely offer professionally run apartment houses in our portfolio. We select these carefully to guarantee our customers a pleasant and trouble-free stay.

          Not only the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange is a sign of the economic strength of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is also the place of international businesses like the fashion label Esprit, the consumer goods company L'Oréal or the car manufacturer Mitsubishi. After World War II, the largest Japanese business community of Europe settled down here. Moreover, the city is home to large financial institutions and advertising agencies. But Dusseldorf has even more flagships: art, culture, music, and top-class restaurants enrich the life in this region. A further attraction is the Rhine riverwalk with great views onto the Rhine.


          Düsseldorf Königsallee

          When travelling to the Rhine metropolis, you should definitely visit the old town. The famous market place with its historic town hall was erected in 1573. Together with the other historic buildings they form a beautiful cityscape. One of the oldest buildings is the "Löwenhaus" (Lion House). This Gothic example of architecture was already built in 1288 and has been shaping the view of the city ever since. And not to forget: In the many small alleys of the historic old town there are more than 260 pubs and restaurants inviting you to observe the colourful city life with a glass of top-fermented dark beer.

          The baroque palace Benrath in the Southern part of the city is a meaningful structure. The dome hall and the surrounding park are imposing and well worth a visit. Extraordinary is also the so-called "KÖ" – the Koenigsallee– with its many luxury stores and shopping temples. During carnival visitors can experience the entire city in a state of exception and are welcomed with a cheerful "Helau"!


          Going Out


          The Art Academy Dusseldorf is connected with names like Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky, Josep Beuys and Gerhard Richter. In recent years Dusseldorf has developed into a major centre of modern art. Various galleries, museums and collections, like the Julia Stoschek Collection have contributed to this reputation. The Deutsche Oper am Rhein (German Opera House on the Rhine) is a theatre community of the cities Dusseldorf and Duisburg which presents apart from opera and operetta/musical also ballet and has Germany´s largest opera ensemble at command.

          The new concert hall was initially built as a planetarium and is a building with impressive architecture which entertains annually more than 220,000 visitors with classic concerts, cabaret performances and other musical events. But not only is the high culture at home in Dusseldorf: The punk rock band "Die Toten Hosen" has been an inherent part of the Dusseldorf punk music scene since 1982.




          Heaven and Earth

          Apart from all urbanity they still exist: traditional local dishes

          Ingredients for 6 portions:

          • 1 kg floury potatoes
          • 1 kg apples
          • 2 onions
          • 250 ml milk
          • 1 dab of butter
          • salt
          • sugar
          • oil

          Boil the peeled potatoes in salt water and mash them afterwards to puree. Add butter and heated milk, season to taste. Then simmer the chopped and deseeded apples with the sugar in a little water and mash up as well. In the meantime fry the onions which have been cut into rings until golden-brown. Combine puree and apples and stir in the onions.



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