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Long-term rental

"Long-term rental" takes place in the so-called serviced accommodation of residential estates. As this is basically residential accommodation, tenancy agreements with fixed periods of notice are concluded and deposit payments are often necessary. Apartmentservice offers an increasing selection of serviced accommodation on its booking platform.

Often, proof of salary or the current employment contract must be presented when booking. The main characteristics of "long-term rental" are listed below; deviations are possible in individual cases. Our respective house entries inform you about all details regarding the specifically available equipment and services.


One example of this form of temporary housing is BaseCamp, which is expected to be bookable via Apartmentservice from May 2021.

Who lives in "long-term rental"?

This living concept is perfectly suited for all those who stay in one place for at least 3 to 6 months - but often for one to two years - and can do without included services. Young professionals, digital nomads, millenials and all those for whom temporary living currently fits into their lifestyle are especially addressed. As far as community areas (and co-living offers) are available, you can expect to quickly find like-minded people here. Overall, the "long-term rental" is somewhat cheaper than living in serviced apartments, but at the expense of stricter rental conditions, less service and reduced facilities.

Those who prefer fully equipped apartments with service or are looking for more flexible conditions can find out more about the alternative "service included" here.

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