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With the growing demands on the mobility and flexibility of employees in their everyday working lives, the demand for alternative housing concepts is also increasing. As the conventional housing markets in large cities are often tight and highly priced, and the search for accommodation in Germany is associated with a not inconsiderable amount of bureaucracy, young professionals and expatriates are often unable to find accommodation. The segment of furnished accommodation closes the gap between the housing market and serviced accommodation. Here it is possible to live in a (partly) furnished apartment or room for an unlimited period of time without any services.

The submarket of furnished apartments is currently still quite unclear. There are already some professional operating companies, but it is mainly private landlords who offer individual (partly) furnished apartments. As a result, living comfort and quality standards in terms of furnishings and equipment vary greatly in each case. Especially for work-related stays, the question of safety in a furnished apartment arises:

  • Do the furnished apartments comply with all legal requirements regarding data, fire and health protection?
  • How easy is it to get hold of the key for the apartment?
  • Who else has access to this furnished apartment apart from the tenant?
  • What about legal security in the event of unforeseen changes to the length of stay?
  • Who is responsible for any repair work that may occur?
  • Can a professional invoice be issued?

Since there are (still) no binding minimum standards for furnishing, and furnished apartments are usually not "ready to move in" (i.e. completely equipped down to the teaspoon), when renting a (partially) furnished apartment you also have to take into account acquisition costs for bedding, bed linen, kitchen equipment and possibly other small items of furniture.

In a serviced apartment you don't have to worry about this, there you can simply move in and immediately feel at home ("ready-to-live"-concept). Due to this reason, Apartmentservice does not offer (partially) furnished apartments in its portfolio. In the serviced apartments of our partner houses, you can be sure that the accommodation complies with the companies' travel policies and that bookers fulfil their duty of care towards their employees or customers.


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