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PR Information - Bleisure Traveller (June 2018)
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At www.bleisuretraveller.com, the web travel magazine is the first medium to focus on the business travel trend Bleisure as a combination of business and leisure.

Munich, June 2018 - Extending a business trip by two or three days? The new online travel magazine Bleisure Traveller inspires business travellers at www.bleisuretraveller.de with immediate effect to exciting destinations in metropolises and up to two hours' drive away. At the same time, it informs companies about the growing Bleisure trend as a mix between business and leisure and about implementation possibilities. The initiator of the travel magazine is TV journalist Kai Boecking. The business travel magazine BUSINESS TRAVELLER, which is firmly established in the market, is a partner.

The Capella Hotel on Sentosa where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met? A desert camp in the Emirates? Or on a food tour in Ilinois? Those who want to extend their business trip by a few days in private can now find inspiration for possible destinations at www.bleisuretraveller.com. The team around the two editors-in-chief Kai Boecking and Sylvie Konzack has travelled to the places, experienced them and researched them professionally. In addition, it informs about the Bleisure trend and shows concrete implementation possibilities in companies. "Bleisure Traveller is not another wellness magazine, not an adventure portal, not a private travel blog," Kai Boecking emphasises. "Tailored to the needs of business travellers, we show how bleisure travel can be realised and experienced." Because Bleisure is a travel trend with a great future, Sylvie Konzack is convinced: "In times of shortage of skilled workers, New Work and flexibilisation of work, the possibility to extend private travel is a form of employee appreciation and loyalty in equal measure." The partner of the new online travel magazine is BUSINESS TRAVELLER, which has been firmly established on the market for over 20 years.

Contact Bleisure Traveller:
Sylvie Konzack, Chefredakteurin, sylvie@bleisuretraveller.com
Kai Boecking, Chefredakteur, kai@bleisuretraveller.com

About the Bleisure Traveller:
Bleisure as a mix between business and leisure meets the current need of many entrepreneurs and employees to extend their business trip by two or three days in private. Bleisure Traveller is about experiencing a little time out, getting to know the country and its people and achieving a sensible work-life balance. The online travel magazine presents possible destinations in metropolises worldwide and about two hours' drive away. It inspires bleisure travel and at the same time informs about ways in which employers and employees can benefit from it in a way that creates value for both.

About Bleisure:
The mix of business and leisure stands for the big growing trend of extending the business trip by two or three private days individually. According to the study "Egencia 2018 Bleisure Trends", 68 % of the business travellers surveyed already take a bleisure trip at least once a year. According to Anglo-Saxon studies in particular, the trend is rising. And the companies? The travel policies of 67 % of companies in Germany with up to 500 employees already allow for private extensions to business trips, according to the VDR Business Travel Analysis 2017. For larger companies, the figure is 59 %. Bleisure is thus desired by an increasing number of companies. In times of the war of talent, offering individualised, personal business trips makes employees more satisfied and loyal to the company.