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Intermediate Rent

Intermediate rent - sometimes also referred to as sublease - is a popular living concept primarily for students, for example when they plan to live abroad for a semester or move into another city for an internship. In order to do this they rent a room in a flat share. The flatmates help them to make friends and to get to know the new environment. The period of tenancy can be agreed upon individually, but in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the intermediate rent, certain rules and general parameters (pets, visitors allowed?) should be clarified beforehand:

How high is the deposit? Are the utilities (internet access, electricity etc.) included in the rental fee or charged extra? Which furniture is rented together with the room? It is recommended to draft an inventory list and to document damages already existent.

Business travellers who consider this type of temporary living, should check if the intermediate rent gurantees full legal security and that all company travel policies can be adhered to.

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