The German Serviced Apartment Sector Keeps Growing

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Thursday, 15. September 2016

The Conference SO!APART Shows Future Prospects, Possibilities and New Developments on

17 and 18 November 2016 in Berlin (Germany).

Berlin/Germany, 9 September 2016 – The renowned industry meeting of the German-speaking serviced apartment world SO!APART goes into detail. Investors, operators and interested parties are invited to learn more about this outstanding market, its developments, current challenges and opportunities in Berlin on

17 and 18 November. The sector of serviced apartments has been growing rapidly in the German-speaking market for the last years. And it continues unabated.

The SO!APART focuses on the serviced apartment sector – to advance it, to inspire impulses and to set new processes into motion through interactive communication. “It is also a unique opportunity to get in touch with investors and operators of the German-speaking market and to find out which possibilities this growing market offers,” says Anett Gregorius, who initiated the SO!APART in 2013. This tendency is confirmed by the annual survey conducted by the her company Boardinghouse Consulting, which says that more than 32 % of the interviewees, who are going to expand, are planning to build new properties until 2018.

The programme of the SO!APART attends to this development. The SO!APART would like to broaden the horizon by showing which possibilities are awaiting the industry in the (near) future, which new developments concerning technology and concepts can already be identified and how it can deal with challenges. 

Inter alia it comes up with new approaches in guest communication and sharing economy. As in some destinations urban space is running short the SO!APART will present new concepts as well as insight views in how to build in existing properties. And this year it will bring a destination into focus, which is of great interest to the segment – Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The city is known for its enormous economic power and therefore of high interest to investors. In addition, the organisers have invited experts to look at the Swiss and Austrian market.

The SO!APART also provides a platform for precious industry initiatives, such as the label “The Best for Long Stays” or “Apartment der Zukunft” (“Apartment of the Future”). The latter was launched in 2015 and has been established with strong partners. They will present the first results at the conference. To go further, attendees are invited to involve themselves in a co-creation think tank to define which customer needs have to be fulfilled in the future.

The accompanying exhibition complements this widespread view into the segment of serviced apartments,  ranging from furniture leasing to safety features and channel manager solutions.

The highlight of the SO!APART is the award-giving ceremony for the best serviced apartments on 17 November. One of the categories is dedicated to international applicants from outside of Germany. Due to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the organiser Apartmentservice the SO!APART-Awards will be presented at a gala dinner.

Apartmentservice plays an active part in the serviced apartment segment and has been monitoring the market´s development for more than 15 years, therefore it knows the challenges and trends very well. The company complements its agency services perfectly with the strategic consulting of investors and (potential) operators in this special segment.

For international delegates the SO!APART offers simultaneous interpretation facilities, if a certain number of delegates books this service. For further information and tickets for the SO!APART conference visit:

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