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Business Apartment

Business apartment or business room are common terms predominantly in Switzerland for accommodation, which is greared towards the needs of business travellers. Employees which are on the road on official business, require at their temporary home primarily good technical facilities, like free wireless LAN for several devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), USB outlets and a well-lit and comfortable work space.

Also the sleeping quality plays an important role. The bed should be at least 1,40 m wide even for single travellers, should come with a high-quality mattress and a selection of pillows with various degrees of softness. Temporary living at a business apartment becomes a pleasure with a smart TV, which also offers international television channels and streaming services as well as a docking station to play music with.

In order to avoid a further spread of the corona virus, most of our colleagues are working from home until further notice.

As a result, we are currently unavailable by telephone and ask you to use the inquiry forms or send your request in writing by e-mail to

Please understand this preventive measure and stay healthy.