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Apartment House

A classic apartment house is an accommodation which has been designed for extended stays of business travellers in an urban environment. The facilities are similar to those of a private flat, a cooking facilitiy is compulsory. The service offer is limited and geared towards the needs of long-stay guests. The services are complemented by amenities similar to a hotel (e. g. housekeeping). The guests are looked after by reception staff, however, often the front desk is staffed only part time. Outside of reception opening hours check-in into the apartment house is accomplished by a key/key card in a key box which can be opened with a code.

The cleaning of the apartment generally takes place on a weekly basis. Washing machine and dryer are available to guests in a laundry room. Modern apartment houses have a comfortably furnished communal room available - often called living room - where guests can watch TV, read, work or chat with co-residents. Further amenities like a bar or restaurant are relinquished deliberately. At the apartment house there a is maximally a small breakfast offer. Other services are covered by external service providers and co-operations. This concept focusses on lodging.

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