The jury of the SO!APART-Awards 2015

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Friday, 31. July 2015

The jury that will decide independently and competently using a special scoring system is the essential part of the SO!APART-Awards 2015. For this reason we introduce to you the individual jury members. This year, the jury of the SO!APART-Awards 2015 consists of the following six members:

Dirk Gerdom

The travel agent and graduate in Business Administration (FH) worked for a system developer in Heilbronn to create specific enterprise applications and websites. To SAP SE, where he is now working as a travel manager for Germany, he came through a casual contact. At SAP SE, Dirk Gerdom has been responsible for all activities that are related to the global travel volume for 14 years. In 2014 he was appointed Vice President of Global Mobility. In addition, Dirk Gerdom has been the President of the VDR since 2009 and with his broad task areas provides an important part of the jury of the SO!APART 2015.

Sabine Galas

She is a studied journalist and communications expert and worked as a freelance copywriter for various PR and advertising agencies for several years. Ms Galas is an experienced magazine editor who has held senior positions in various fields and has been the chief editor of Business Traveller since 2013. With years of experience in the business area, she is the right person for the jury of the SO!APART- Awards 2015.

Till Runte

After completing his degree in Business Administration, he began his career at an IT service provider, where he took early responsibility in several business areas. After leading positions in various national and international companies, he founded the Certified GmbH & Co. KG, which is responsible for operational supervision of hotel certification, together with Kurt Schüller. This certification was summarised by Boardinghouse Consulting and the TÜV Rheinland in a catalogue of test criteria, modified and introduced last year with the certificate “Certified Serviced Apartment”. Till Runte is an all-rounder with a lot of professional backgrounds and because of this just the right person for the jury of the SO!APART-Awards 2015.

Anja Nielitz

The trained travel agent has been working as a Travel Consultant & Sales Key Account Manager for major companies in the travel management industry. Her current position at Capgemini as Regional Travel Manager for Northern and Central Europe she has successfully held for four years now. She also coordinates the travel management for Germany and a further eleven European countries. With her international experience and the complexity of the tasks, Anja Nielitz plays an important role in the jury.

Oliver Graue

Oliver Graue studied journalism in the Bavarian capital and then worked at the Bavarian Radio and afterwards went to Hamburg to Axel Springer. Finally, he moved to Hamburg FVW Mediengruppe, where he has been the chief editor of the business magazine BizTravel since 2006. Oliver Graue is the expert on topics such as business and travel management. With his years of experience in these areas he is an important pillar for the jury.

Anett Gregorius

From a diploma thesis to her own company, the idea of the business administrator developed. After founding Boardinghouse Consulting and the Apartmentservice, the first independent booking platform for Serviced Apartments, she developed the first certification system for Serviced Apartments in cooperation with the TÜV Rheinland. In 2014 this was passed on to the VDR. For the first time in 2013, the SO!APART took place and has become an important meeting of the industry. The famous SO!APART-Awards are presented here to honour the most popular and most beautiful Serviced Apartments. As an expert for the Serviced Apartments segment she is an important part of the jury.

We want to thank all members of the jury and are excited about this year’s winners of the SO!APART -Awards 2015. Thank you also to all participating apartment houses.

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