The Flamingo's Nest 2017 - a Résumé

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Wednesday, 11. July 2018

The Flamingo's Nest 2017 - a Résumé

The Flamingo's Nest celebrated its premiere at the SO!APART 2017. With it we wanted to show the industry representatives which innovations for the serviced apartment segment can be found on the market and at the same time offer young companies the opportunity to present themselves and to find the entry with their products.

The exciting question is: Did this work?

Mark König, Head of Hospitality Sales of the Flamingo's Nest winner WeWash GmbH, answers it like this:

"WeWash was awarded the newcomer award "Flamingo's Nest" at the SO!APART 2017. The immense interest in our service right after the award surprised us very positively. We were already able to establish various contacts with providers from the serviced apartment sector at the event. What is extremely remarkable is the trust we have gained from our presentation. Start-ups are - justifiably - critically monitored by the providers. The aim is to integrate a service that should lead to a positive user experience for all participants and especially for the guest. The rapid increase in awareness within the industry and the positive response were overwhelming. We have often heard sentences like "WeWash?! I saw you at the SO!APART - a great product!" There are already several suppliers in the industry who have already chosen WeWash as their supplier for future projects. This would certainly not have been possible to this extent without participation in the "Flamingo's Nest".

Participation helped us to better understand this market and to get an overview of the relevant providers. We had only dealt with entering the market shortly before our participation in this event. We are confident that it would have taken much longer to place our service in this industry without the award. The participation in the Apartmentbase 4.0 in the apartment of the future in Unna (Germany) resulting from the performance guarantees us a lasting positive perception by interested parties and media. Ultimately, one can say that in the area of serviced apartments we would not be where we are today. All we can say thank you for that!"

And it remains for us to say that we are very happy about such a positive answer! It's wonderful that the Flamingo's nest could contribute to this.

We are very excited about the continuation of the Nest of the Flamingo on November 15, 2018 within the framework of SO!APART 2018.

P.S.: If you would like to apply, simply write to soapartapartmentservicede. We will then send you further information.