SO!APART-Awards 2016 – Extra Points for the Audience Awards

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Wednesday, 27. July 2016

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The online-voting for the audience awards of the SO!APART 2016 is already in full swing. On the SO!APART website you can cast your vote.

Some of the houses did not miss the opportunity and submitted with their application a freestyle surprise. To say “thank you” and also to reward their effort, we will present these freestyles on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There it can be liked, shared, re(tweeted) and commented on. These social signals will be collected and then added to the casting of the votes for the audience awards SO!APART 2016.

19 freestyles – 19 bonus points for the audience awards of the SO!APART 2016

This year, 19 freestyles were submitted so there will be 19 bonus points for the house with the most social signals for each post. The house with the second most social signal for each post will get 18 bonus points and so on. The freestyles of the houses are not presented in any particular order. To find all relevant posts, we will use the hashtag #SoApartAwards2016Bonus.

So, please take action, get as many shares, likes and comments as possible for the presentation of your freestyle!

And do not forget, that the regular online voting of the SO!APART-Awards is open until 4 September 2016!

So go ahead and cast your vote for the most “the popular little ones” and for the most “the popular big ones” and help your favorite serviced apartment to win one of the coveted audience awards!


A comment on the presentation of the freestyles: We received handicraft freestyles, photos, videos and little tales. Due to this variety and because of the GEMA licenses we would have to pay for the music used in the videos we decided to present them though pictures. (Concerning the jury awards and their evaluation the “original” freestyles will be shown to the jury members.)

In order to avoid a further spread of the corona virus, most of our colleagues are working from home until further notice.

As a result, we are currently unavailable by telephone and ask you to use the inquiry forms or send your request in writing by e-mail to

Please understand this preventive measure and stay healthy.