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Wednesday, 8. April 2015

There is news from the LikeApart in Fürth! Starting next Monday on 13th April 2015 free shuttle bus is provided. This service is free of charge for all guests of LikeApart in Fürth and take you for a month to your place of work. No matter where you want to go, Nuremberg, Fürth or Erlangen, the shuttle bus provides a convenient and timely arrival to work. If you never had been in Fürth you can now take the advantage of the free shuttle service and visit the stylish and contemporary Serviced Apartments in Fürth. The studios and apartments combine idyllic surroundings with direct access to the important business centers of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen. The 94 serviced apartments and the team of LikeApart Fürth are looking forward to your visit!

In order to avoid a further spread of the corona virus, most of our colleagues are working from home until further notice.

As a result, we are currently unavailable by telephone and ask you to use the inquiry forms or send your request in writing by e-mail to info@apartmentservice.de.

Please understand this preventive measure and stay healthy.