A complete success – that was the SO!APART 2014

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Monday, 20. October 2014

It was a memorable day. Last Thursday and Friday the SO!APART 2014 opened its doors in Hamburg for industry insider and friends of Serviced Apartments. During a two-day symposium at Lindner Hotel Michel, operators of serviced apartments, investors and real estate developers talked about themes concerning the apartment industry. Kai Böcking moderated the event and guided roundtables together with Anett Gregorius and Nadine Ormo. During breaks the participants used their time for networking and went through the accompanying exhibition. Industry-related companies presented their products which stirred up a lot of interest. The award ceremony was the highlight of the evening, which was moderated b y Kai Böcking in a very charming way. The award ceremony took place at the Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel. The price was awarded in six categories, four categories was specified by a jury, two by the audience. iPartment Frankfurt won two prices. It was the winner in category “big and bigger” and “new and, The Circus Apartments Berlin won category “small and nice”, Mandala Hotel in Berlin was the winner in category “green future”. SCHOENHOUSE APARTMENTS won “the popular big one” and Rostock apartment LIVING HOTEL was awarded in category “the popular little one”. At the afterparty people were celebrating till early in the morning. We had a lot of positive feedback during the event and afterwards, so we will begin to plan SO!APART 2015 soon and with pleasant anticipation. Look forward!

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