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Dear Colleagues!


With immediate effect Apartmentservice is our partner for booking serviced apartments in Germany and worldwide.

General conditions for accommodation during a project assignment in ASG:

1 - 30 nights    Hotel

31 nights - 6 months

    Apartment House / Serviced Apartments

> 6 months

    Project Flat


Process steps for booking serviced apartments:

  • The employee discusses the general conditions for the accommodation at the project site with the project manager (PMO/Manager)

    • recommendation for a particular apartment house / apartment hotel?

    • maximum budget per night?

  • In compliance with the project manager the employee searches for an apartment house in the requested destination on

  • The employee can request a particular house via the apartment finder (see above) or the general availability for the required period of time at the project site.

  • Apartmentservice will provide the employee with a corresponding offer.

  • By returning the signed offer a contract will be realised.

  • The stay will be paid by the employee’s American Express Corporate Card.

  • In exceptional cases the costs for the accommodation of an employee can be covered by the project and paid by invoice. In this case the project has to prepare a PO if the total amount exceeds 1,000 USD.